Price Comparison

From the outside, Monody may not look the cheapest.

Yet, to be aware of the full value on offer by us, we would like to make you aware of a few aspects:

  • Potency - usually measured in mg, mcg or iu, is the strength of the supplement. Compare ours with the competition and see the difference!
  • Quantity - The amount of capsules or tablets at the selected potency.
  • Price - If both quantity and potency are the same, look at the price - you may find a difference!

For example,

Biotin (Monody)

Biotin (Solgar)

5mg, 200 Capsules


5mg, (100 Capsules x 2)


4 times cheaper.

But for the same capsules.


 Vitamin D3 (Monody)

Vitamin D3 (SIS)

5000iu, 250 Capsules


5000iu, 240 Tablets


10 extra capsules while saving £2.60


Other savings available on request via email.