COVID-19 Protection

These are no doubt difficult times, but with help from yourself and body, you can be ready for anything that comes your way.

Uncertain times are ahead, but what is for sure is that you will need to stay safe from Sars-CoV-2 (COVID-19, coronavirus).

Monody urges you to follow any local, national or international guidelines with the utmost respect, as governments and councils exist to keep you safe and well.

Coronavirus as we know, attacks your respiratory system and a strong immune system is key to staying away from nasty surprises. Monody Supplements can help you with this. 

Antioxidants (and antioxidant supporting minerals)

Antioxidants are minerals and chemicals that stop redox reactions from taking place, and thus don't produce "free radicals" which means cells are less likely to be damaged. Less damaged cells means better overall health and performance.
(An environment where selenium and zinc are present, they allow antioxidants to be active).


Probiotics are bacteria that live in the gut and are typically referred to as the "good bacteria" that help optimise your immune system. Your immune system is the first line of defence against foreign bodies, something which is of particular attention in the recent news.

Vitamins and Minerals

To allow your body to be at its best, one must allow your body to not be at a disadvantage by it having a lower vitamin or mineral count, below your recommended daily intake levels, this could lead to many other conditions such as rickets, and getting seen by a doctor is now more challenging than ever in a rushed and panicked world. 

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