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Welcome to Monody Supplements

Established in 2018, Monody has dedicated itself to sourcing the best quality Vitamins, Supplements, Minerals and Nootropics to help promote a healthier body and mind leading to an overall improved lifestyle and wellbeing.

Over the past several years, the vitamin and supplements industry has expanded from a small niche market into a multi-billion dollar segment accepted by mainstream consumers. As a leader in innovation and research, Monody Supplements continues to respond by providing leading product lines that not only support overall health and wellbeing but expand the boundaries of the continually evolving vitamin and supplement market.

Monody is a global powerhouse with integrated capabilities to sell products all over the world. You will find a large assortment of high quality, custom selected products including proteins, sports nutrition, dietary and weight support enablers, general health and detox supplements, beauty products and much more (even for your furry pet friends!).

At Monody, we pride ourselves on exploring new ways to bring you the latest trends and healthy living solutions based on our trusted experience and industry expertise. Our mission is to provide you with the right products to support and motivate your desire to live well. We are committed to helping you achieve your goals by using our innovative, personalized and convenient online shopping experience.

Located in the buzzing heart of Los Angeles the world is without boundaries due to our global supply chain that ensures wherever you are located, getting the right product to the right customer in the right location is a seamless process as we aim to deliver a best in class customer experience.


Customer Experience
This value is at the core of our business model as we believe in the value of a true best in class customer experience and we achieve this by ensuring that as a valued customer you will receive a first class experience from start to finish. We can guide you through the process. We will keep you informed of your order status, and regularly notify you of expected delivery dates and provide you with a tracking number for every order placed.

We value all our customers as a partner to our company and should anything not meet your standards we will go the extra mile to ensure your expectations are met.

All our products are tested for purity, composition quality and are all manufactured in FDA registered facilities here in the USA to ensure maximum effectiveness.  Every product we sell has passed rigorous testing standards and carry the following certifications:


In the current difficult times we are living in, Monody continues to leverage its expertise, knowledge and supply chain by pushing boundaries to ensure new product lines are developed while ensuring that the online customer experience is fun, friendly and seamless. This is a constant daily priority for us and striving to be the number one ‘go-to’ online store for all your vitamin and supplement needs is a key priority for us!

Finally, while we strive to get things right most of the time we understand that nobody is perfect (and yes that certainly includes us as well!) so please do not hesitate to contact us, no matter how big or small your feedback might be so that we can continue our journey of developing and enhancing our business to better meet your needs and achieve Monody’s broader strategic objective of being a leading supplier of vitamins and supplements.

Email :  admin@monodysupplements.com
Messenger :  m.me/monodysupplements

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